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Crisis pregnancy centers continue to shame and mislead women

Every year, pro-choice advocacy group NARAL conducts an undercover investigation into California’s crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs. These nonprofit, generally Christian centers operate with the goal of dissuading women from having abortions. According to NARAL, CPC workers present themselves as impartial providers of medical information by “wearing white lab coats” and “calling themselves counselors” — and the centers are often deceptively located “in medical buildings or near real abortion clinics,” in order to ensnare women who are in need of medical advice. (You know, the kind of advice that comes from a medical professional, not from an evangelist in a costume.) The experiences of NARAL’s undercover investigators during their CPC visits were, unsurprisingly, harrowing. As Jezebel reports, during one visit, a CPC worker gave a NARAL investigator an ultrasound, then pointed to the image and identified the woman’s “baby.” It was her IUD…

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Crisis pregnancy center confuses an IUD for a pregnancy on an ultrasound, proving once and for all these places are not real clinics

It’s no secret that the pro-life movement doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to understanding the female reproductive system — or female biology in general. So maybe it’s not such an incredible shock that a “crisis pregnancy center” told a woman her IUD was a pregnancy during an ultrasound. Not a shock, but still pretty outrageous.

Fro those who have fortunately never heard of the phenomenon of “crisis pregnancy centers,” they are the exact opposite of what they sound like in that they’re terrible places to go if you’re having a crisis and they apparently can’t even tell what is and is not a pregnancy. Though they’re designed to be confused for legitimate reproductive health clinics, crisis pregnancy centers are pro-life institutions that encourage pregnant women to carry pregnancies to term, often using guilt, religious intimidation, and outright lies about the risks and costs of pregnancy and abortion. And, unfortunately, they’re becoming more and more common throughout the country, often setting up shop next to legitimate clinics or near college campuses or high schools…

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"Crisis pregnancy center" tell woman her IUD was a baby

When you think about states where women struggle to access reproductive health care, California certainly isn’t the first one that comes to mind. As GOP-controlled states across the country advance dozens of abortion restrictions, the Golden State has pursued the opposite approach, taking unprecedented steps to expand the pool of abortion providers and preserve insurance coverage for abortion.

But that doesn’t mean the anti-choice community isn’t making inroads in other ways. According to a new report released by NARAL Pro-Choice California, the state is grappling with a rise in “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) — right-wing organizations that masquerade as reproductive health clinics in order to dissuade pregnant women from having an abortion…

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Undercover investigation confirms California crisis pregnancy centers lie to women

Even in the state rated the most accessible for people seeking abortion services, a vast network of organizations exists for the sole purpose of dissuading people from terminating their pregnancies, according to a report released Thursday.

NARAL Pro-Choice California sent women undercover over the past year to more than a quarter of the state’s 167 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), gathering information on the quality and kind of services offered by the anti-choice groups that run those facilities, in addition to the experience a person might have using a CPC as a resource during a pregnancy…

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Crisis pregnancy centers threaten women's health

A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help. When she says that she has a scholarship to start college and doesn’t feel ready to be a parent, a staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait. When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children. They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her…

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