CPCs in the Media

Exclusive: California Community Foundations Risk Women's Health by Giving Millions to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Earlier this year, the president and CEO of the California Community Foundation, Antonia Hernández, accepted one of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce’s highest honors, the Civic Medal of Honor. Hernández, a former civil rights attorney, is known locally for bringing a 1975 class action lawsuit against Los Angeles County doctors, the state, and the federal government for sterilizing Latinas without their consent.

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All LA "pregnancy clinics" now complying with notification law

All of Los Angeles’ six known “crisis pregnancy centers” are now complying with a new state notification law, after the last holdout posted the required information, City Attorney Mike Feuer said Wednesday.

The law requires licensed clinics to notify clients that the state offers access to low-cost and free abortions for eligible women. Unlicensed clinics must disclose that they’re not licensed by the state to provide medical care.

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Comedians highlight the crazy things women go through to get an abortion

You’ve heard of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” ― but in a new NARAL-produced video, comedians are in cars getting something else: abortions.

The video, “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions,” features comedians Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green on Green’s satirical Jerry-Seinfeld-webisode spin-off. Green happens to pick up Wetterlund as she’s leaving the house to try and get an abortion.

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Oakland could outlaw false advertising by crisis pregnancy centers

Elected leaders in Oakland, California, want to crack down on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) with a truth-in-advertising ordinance.

A panel of some members of the city council on Tuesday took up the proposed measure during a Life Enrichment Committee meeting, arguing that many of these religiously run centers target pregnant people with deceptive billboards, websites, and search engine results for “abortion.”

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How my job talking women out of abortions made me pro-choice

“Always call it a baby. Never call it a fetus.”

“Always refer to the pregnant woman as the ‘mother.'”

“Emphasize the regret and shame they will experience if they terminate the pregnancy.”

These were among the directives I received during my training to volunteer at my local crisis pregnancy center in 2001. I was 21 years old, and I applied for a volunteer position at the center because as a conservative Christian, I wanted to support the pro-life movement. I had just finished filming MTV’s Road Rules and its spinoff, The Challenge, wherein I received attention for my theological point of view, and I felt a responsibility to be an ambassador of the pro-life message.

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Los Angeles Officials ‘Not Going to Wait’ to Enforce Regulation on Anti-Choice Pregnancy Centers

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on Monday unveiled a campaign to crack down on anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) violating California’s five-month-old public notice law on abortion access.

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This is why the city attorney's office is making sure women know their reproductive rights

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office announced Monday that it is aggressively enforcing a new state law requiring pregnancy clinics to inform clients of their reproductive rights.

City Atty. Mike Feuer said his office is working in coordination with the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs to ensure clinics follow the law because “women need timely, accurate and complete information” on their family planning options.

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